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I butchered a spreadsheet today, and then passed the resulting mess on to a colleague. Feel a bit bad about that, especially since I spent a week last year cleaning up the previous version and writing out a really nice ReadMe. But deadlines are a-loomin', and since they're court-ordered we don't have any wiggle room.

Thank god I have a week's vacation coming at the end of the month.

Day Four: A female character you relate to:

Temperance "Bones" Brennan from Bones

Halfway through watching season one of Bones with the husband, he turned to me and said, "Jac, you know, you're really like Bones."

About 50% of this comment was inspired, no doubt, by the hope that I would respond with a similar statement about him and Booth - the David Boreanaz mancrush had taken root by the tenth episode. But the other 50% was probably due to the fact that I am rather like Temperance, although I am not a genius (sadly) or a forensic anthropologist (thank goodness).

Like her, I really struggle with emotions - both expressing my own and reading others' appropriately. That's actually why I became an economist; you get to study people's behavior through clear, lovely quantitative data and then write an equation to describe what you're seeing. Brennan understands people through bones, I understand them through math.

Also, we both have the same unusual jawline that can look weird at certain angles.

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