Apr. 18th, 2011

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This weekend pretty much rocked from start to finish.

First: Two Door Cinema Club at the Fillmore on Thursday night. Walked from the office in SoMa through the Tenderloin (which was looking nicer than I expected it to) to Japantown, where I grabbed some quick sushi before meeting up with Abhi and a friend & getting in line. We didn't get Fillmore apples on the way in, but, hey, wabi-sabi and all that. Everything else was amazing. The opening acts were good, the crowd was churning, totally in a mood to dance it all out, and the venue was perfect for the intimate, pumped up performance of Two Door Cinema Club (oh, Fillmore with your chandeliers, bouncy dance floor, killer sound system, and psychedelic posters, I love you). It was the band's last performance of their tour (other than playing at Coachella), so they gave it all too. And to top it out, we got free posters on the way out.

I've been listening to Two Door Cinema Club every free moment since. If you haven't heard of them, well...

Second: My grandparents were in town this weekend, so Abhi & I headed over to my dad's for some good food and card playing until late at night on Friday. Rinse and repeat Saturday night too. Lots of Oh Hell, 29, and Dummy Rummy.

Third: Played cricket with a bunch of Indian friends (mostly Abhi's coworkers & one of mine, plus a few random people) on Saturday morning. I dropped an easy catch while fielding, but manged to get a fair number of runs in while batting, at least for a white person. They all enjoyed laughing at how I kept dropping the bat after a hit, rather than running with it. Muscle memory from pick-up baseball in grade school, I guess.

Fourth: Sleeping and reading most of the day away Sunday. Although we did take a nice walk with the dogs (the weather? GORGEOUS) to the tandoori wrap place a couple of miles away for lunch. And I did some storyboarding for a ST vid I desperately want to make, so, um, there was some productivity? Mostly it was just a perfect lazy Sunday.

aaaaand... back to the work week. I'm still a bit sore from cricket, which means I need to step up the exercise to get ready for surf camp this summer.
jactrades: Mole from Arrested Development (Star Trek TOS Trexels)
Title: Anne James Rand
Author: [livejournal.com profile] jactrades
Pairing: Kirk/Rand (TOS)
Length: ~7 minutes
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Character death - the prompt was for angst
Summary: Why she transfered off the Enterprise
Notes: Created for Team Blonde Ambition as part of the Ship Olympics - the finished project is... just okay, but the process was a great learning experience.


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