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When I saw the summaries of the STBB fics, I crossed my fingers in the hopes of getting [livejournal.com profile] turtle_goose's The Once & Future Captain because I've had thoughts about mixing a Tarsus fic (mostly centered around track 12). Lucky me, I got the chance to create a mix for this story! :D I really enjoyed the clear thought that went into the world-building in this story, and if you're a sucker for Tarsus fics (like me), you shouldn't pass this one up.

Masterpost for the fic & gorgeous art here!

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01| Circuital - My Morning Jacket
Well anyway you cut it
We're just spinning around
Out on the circuits
Over the hollow grounds
Out on the circuits
Over the hollow grounds
Heading right back in the same place
That we started out

02| Find It In Me - William Fitzsimmons
My conduct should be suspect and my
Intentions should be checked but I'm too
Involved in making plans for my soul

03| Add My Effort - The Weepies
When it's dark you say it is
Because there's no light
And though it's not I'll say it is
I'll say it's all right

04| Northern Skies - I Am Kloot
Where did you go on a big black night?
Did you take the coast road back through your life?
See the sand, the moon, the stars that shine the light
And say, well, they’ll do all right for me?

05| Lights (Shook Remix) - Ellie Goulding
'Cause they're calling, calling, calling me home.
Calling, calling, calling home
You show the lights that stop me turn to stone
You shine it when I'm alone

06| Night Squall - Balmorhea 

07| Lippy Kids - Elbow
Do they know those days are golden?
Build a rocket boys
Build a rocket boys!

08| Easy - Real Estate
Around in the fields we grow
With love for everyone
Dreams we saw with eyes of hope
Until that dream was done

09| Fear - OneRepublic
When we were children we’d play
Out in the streets just dipped in fate
When we were children we’d say
That we don’t the meaning of

10| I Believe In Outer Space - The Lovers
They believe in an outer space 
That's what they believe in 
And right now and it's instant 
And it's far away and it's distant 

11| Running For Home - Matthew Good Band
When we were wired the world was like a secret
I close my eyes now and I scream
I turn the light on and there's nothing left redeeming
I saw your face before it changed

12| Dustbowl Dance - Mumford & Sons
I've been kicked off my land at the age of sixteen
And I have no idea where else my heart could have been
I placed all my trust at the foot of this hill
And now I am sure my heart can never be still

13| Pride Is A Lonely Blanket (When We Speak) - Red Wanting Blue
When we speak
But our words won't let us say so
And we wished we let it all show
We started falling apart
At the heart
We'll be broken 'til the end

14| Drifting - Andy McKee

15| The Problem Of Pain - William Fitzsimmons
Icarus they caught you where you tumbled on
Encourage you to dive now the sun is gone
I just don't know
I just don't know

16| Book Of Revelation - The Drums
And it's over now
You can pick yourself off the ground
Cause you're cool now
And you're nothing like him

17| Sea of Teeth - Sparklehorse
Stars will always hand in summer’s bleeding veils
But seas forever boil, trees will turn to soil   

18| I'm With You - The Stills
The timing's right
And the light is soft
We've come from far
And we came here lost

19| All Or Nothing - Au Revoir Simone
You're a sight to see this early morning
Getting lost in my own neighborhood
The same freedom you feel
Is what's been blowing in my sail 
Since I arrived here

20| Welcome Home - Radical Face
I've come home, home, home, home.
All my nightmares escaped my head.
Bar the door, please don't let them in.

Date: 2011-11-21 11:46 pm (UTC)
got_swagger: (Default)
From: [personal profile] got_swagger
I'm only up to track 9, but so far it's the best thing ever! I'll more thoughts and feelings after I give the whole thing a listen, but so far it's AMAZING.

And the cover is just stunning. LOVE.

Date: 2011-11-22 04:55 pm (UTC)
got_swagger: (ST:  Kirk - I Could Have Been Great)
From: [personal profile] got_swagger
Okay. I have so many ~thoughts and ~feelings about this.

First and foremost, this is absolute perfection! Like, this IS the soundtrack to this fic! During every song that played, I could see the fic as if it were a movie and it was incredible!

I found everything so fitting and this is definitely how I see it, which of course may be different from what you intended.

I laughed at first when I saw "My Morning Jacket," because there was an episode of American Dad that featured them. But Circuital was a perfect starter and it just got me into a ~mood and when I revisited the prologue, I was just in love with how it fit. Same goes for Find it in Me, which I can TOTALLY picture as Jim trying to explain things to Bones, but being so blocked by his own doubts and emotions. Add My Effort was a perfect complement to Bones and his curiosity and feelings towards Jim.

Northern Skies is lovely, and I definitely see it playing as Jim gets the call from Starfleet. And of course Lights is one of the songs I listened to OVER AND OVER again whilst writing this story and this remix was great! Lights just sums up Jim's feelings about this mission so well. Night Squall was a gorgeous bit of instrumental that was bittersweet and haunting and just added so much to the atmosphere of the story.

Lippy Kids is now officially one of my favorite songs. It's such a great song for Jim and Riley as they're trying to deal with all the emotions this mission is bringing up. Easy definitely fits for me as a song to play while Jim and Riley start out laughing and reminiscing about their childhood together on Tarsus IV and then transitions beautifully into the other song I consider as defining this fic, which is Fear and is all about Jim and Riley and how their time started out so innocent yet ended up so heartbreaking and life-changing.

I Believe in Outer Space for me really fits as young Jimmy Kirk full of excitement as he records his video logs. And also, I feel, for the crew as they're discovering this side to Jim that they would have never guessed existed. Running For Home I can also see for both Jim and the crew as the truth about Kodos and Jim's relationship with him comes out. And OMG Dustbowl Dance is an incredibly powerful and haunting song for Jim and his anger at the mission, the crew, his past on Tarsus IV, and the betrayal he experienced from Kodos.

(To Be Continued)

Date: 2011-11-23 03:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] moonfoot-gamgee.livejournal.com
^^^WHAT SHE SAID. No, but seriously. This mix is pretty much perfect, and it's obvious you put a lot of thought into it. Wonderful job! And thank you for the great music. ;D

Date: 2011-11-23 03:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] moonfoot-gamgee.livejournal.com
Oh, and I love the cover art!

Date: 2011-12-01 02:50 pm (UTC)
got_swagger: (Default)
From: [personal profile] got_swagger
I admit, I also went through the mixes *you've* created in the past to try to get a better bead on what sort of music you enjoy, and once I saw that you'd put the Lucksmiths's cover of a Smiths song on one, well, I just grinned. Clearly we have similar tastes in music!

I love that cover, tbh. Whenever I make a mix, the songs all have to *fit*, like, there can't be a slow, introspective sound followed by a pop song or something like that. I need the music to flow together, if that makes any sense. (My control issues, let me show them to you.) The biggest chance I took was in my Ninth Doctor/Rose fanmix where it went from Barrett Johnson's beautiful "Small Hands" into No Doubt's "Running." But overall, I think it was quirky enough to work, considering how heavy The Frame's "Rise" is. (And if you've never listened to "Rise," you need to asap because OMG it's an amazing powerful song.

I'm still gathering my thoughts (LOL real life intruding) about the rest of the mix, so I haven't forgotten you! ;)

Date: 2011-12-08 08:31 pm (UTC)
got_swagger: (Default)
From: [personal profile] got_swagger

Pride is a Lonely Blanket (When We Speak) fits for me so well with Jim's breakdown at Kodos's statue and his following heart-to-heart with Bones. It also seems fitting for Bones taking care of Jim back on ship that night. They want to get there, but just can't.

Drifting is a nifty little piece that put a smile on my face because it reminded me so much of the music from Firefly. And there's mischievous lean to it that I can totally hear playing while Jim is delighting in his friends' unsettled-ness because they have no idea what to expect from him. And it's great as the Enterprise makes its way back to Admiral Pike.

The Problem of Pain is interesting to me because I keep going back and forth in my head of where to place it. It fits but it's not necessary obvious to me like the rest of them are. I guess I just sort of keep it as Jim and Bones's understanding private accord with each other. And, I think, of Jim's thoughts and feelings after Pike unintentionally insults him. (And lyrically, it's GORGEOUS!) The Book of Revelation I LOVE. I can hear it beginning as Jim comes back to the Enterprise after his briefing and his friends are freaking the hell out because nothing is working out after Jim's defiance of protocol leads in nicely to Jim and Bone's come-to ('and I believe that when we die we die so let me love you tonight') wherein Bones is the one holding back for the good of them both. In addition, ('Cause you're cool now and you're nothing like him') strikes me as Jim's attitude towards Bones re: "I've forgiven you." Sea of Teeth which is such an introspective, contemplative number, I think would fit Jim's mood perfectly after Bones leaves.

I'm With You, for all that it can be interpreted romantically, really sort of works for me as the the crew coming stand by Jim and help him and Riley achieve the closure they need as they bury the dead on Tarsus. All Jim asked for was one day and his friends really came through, so I can play this song as a back and forth between them.

All or Nothing strikes me as a theme for Jim rediscovering his old neighborhood and really trying to see past all the horrors he faced as he reclaims bits and pieces of his old life and makes his final video detailing his time there and comes to realize that if he wants peace with his past, he has to accept it and not run from it. And as he comes to peace with it, he realizes his strength.

And finally, Welcome Home as Jim prepares to leave Tarsus IV and return to the Enterprise, casting away his fears and doubts, much like he did the first time he arrived on the planet as a boy. After everything he's gone through with the mission and the betrayal from his friends and starting to heal, he's "alive" again as he goes home.

LOL I may be completely off base here and maybe I was thinking to hard for some of these but seriously I adore this mix. I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect that this. I actually spilt it into 2 CDs of 10 songs and listen to them in my car. ♥

The work and thought you put into this is incredible and I love this mix so much. Thank you.

BTW, have you considered posting it to [livejournal.com profile] fanmix?

Date: 2011-12-16 08:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] chickosaurusrex.livejournal.com
This looks really cool, thank you! :)

Date: 2011-12-18 10:01 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] airwaveeight.livejournal.com
definitely snagging this; the fic that inspired it is one of my favorites (I have such a twisted love for Tarsus fic) and I ADORE that you have Running for Home in this. It's quite possibly my favorite Matt Good song, and I've never seen anyone else use his stuff in mixes before.

Date: 2011-12-20 02:30 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] soliandxpyne.livejournal.com
What a great mix, thanks so much for putting this together and sharing!


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