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Day Three: A female character you hated but grew to love

This one is tough. First off, I don't generally bother to waste my emotional energy enough to hate on anyone, real or fictional. Just ain't worth it. And second, what sort of fictional character is the type you ought to hate, anyways? Villains? They're often the ones who make a show worth watching. Poorly written, stereotypical characters? Blame the writers, not the written, I say. Boring characters? I'm too apathetic about them to muster up hate.

So I'll cheat a little and name a character I have strong, very mixed feelings about:
Buffy Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I'm pretty sure my feelings about Buffy have way more to do with me than her. While her character certainly changed quite a bit as the show progressed (we were all meant to dislike her a bit in Season Six, right?), my character was changing as well. Oh, the teenage years... So sometimes I'd come home from high school, flip on the TV, and then get irritated at ditzy, wannabe-cheerleader Buffy because she reminded me of my annoying lab partner. Depressed!Buffy angered me like no other because I (like so many teenagers) was a mess of emotions, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer was suppose to be my escapist television, damnit! But kickass!Buffy was, well, kickass, and that's what Buffy always returned to being when she save the world yet again. I love kickass Buffy.

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