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Where do I even start with the brilliant story that inspired this mix?

Look, it'd be an awesome fic if it were just an AOS version of The Cloud Minders, but [livejournal.com profile] rainbowstrlght takes the TOS episode and revamps it perfectly using the story of The Princess Bride. There's endless questions and asides from a stuck-in-Sickbay Joanna as the story unfolds, there's Spock as one of the storytellers (hilarious), there's Jim getting his ass kicked by the Dread Pirate, there's political shenanigans a plenty, and, of course, there are Rodents of Unusual Size.

So, yeah, check out the masterpost here for links to the fic and art!

There's a multitude of characters and plot lines going on in this fic (go read, because it's complex & awesome!), so, in an effort to keep things coherent, I focused primarily on Droxine/Vanna. It's their story, in the end, after all.

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01| Zebra - Beach House
Any way you run, you run before us
Black and white horse arching among us

02| New Heights - A Fine Frenzy
Oh we are reaching
New heights and seeking
How to keep them high

03| Cosmic Love - Florence + The Machine
A fallen star
Fell from your heart
And landed in my eyes

04| Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Shake it, like a ladder to the sun
Makes me feel like a madman on the run

05| One Girl Revolution - Superchick
I'll shoot the shot
That you hear round the world
And I'm a one girl revolution

06| Team - Bon Iver

07| Tremble For My Beloved - Collective Soul
To a world where madness craves
To a world where hope's enslaved
Oh I tremble for my love always

08| Atlantic - Givers
Caught up, flesh be warned
I have just begun to pull this thorn
of needing, and want
Here in these woods I will become undone

09| Crossfire - Brandon Flowers
We're caught up in the crossfire
Of heaven and hell
And we're searchin' for shelter

10| Hold Hands and Fight - The Rosebuds
And we'll get by
And we tell ourselves
One more time

11| My Family's Role In The World Revolution - Beirut

12| The Call - Regina Spektor
I'll come back
When you call me
No need to say goodbye

13| No More Running Away - Air Traffic
Tears are rolling down my face
Feeds the fear that's running through the stream
And oh I don't wanna feel
But I don't wanna feel this way

14| Perfect Time Of Day - Howie Day
Let your colors collide
All the time is so fleeting
I quit running behind
I know your meaning

15| Through The Trees - Low Shoulder
Through the trees
I will find you
I will heal

16| Flowers Of The Field - Sky Sailing
If we survive we'll stay alive below the ceiling
Of new atmospheres and brighter years that we'll have

17| Paper Boats - Goldspot
Yesterday I had a dream
We painted gold on ivory
We held hands on the hill
With the view of the land we till

BONUS TRACK (i.e. it doesn't quite fit in anywhere, but I wanted it in for Droxine/Vanna's happy ending):
18| Up Up UP - Givers

Oh, we up up up for the good show
Yeah we down down here on the ground
Yeah we up up up up above love
Yeah we up up up through the clouds


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