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The entry for Volume 1 explains why I made this mix - Enjoy!

Track List:

01| DJ Tyme & Nathan Scot - Born This Way In The U.S.A.
Lady Gaga vs. Bruce Springsteen - An old-school A vs. B mashup making a point with a cheeky wink
02| Wax Audio - Enter You
Bryan Adams vs. Metallica - Pop rock meets heavy metal becomes... heavy rock?
03| Party Ben - Every Car You Chase
Snow Patrol vs. The Police - A chill mashup that just works.
04| DJ Schmolli - Invicible Girls Run The World
Beyonce vs. Pat Benatar - Girl power rocks across the generations.
05| John Marr - Black or White
Michael Jackson vs. Martin Solveig - I love this redic beat, and it can only get better when you add Jackson to it.
06| DJ Earworm - Gimme Freaks
Rolling Stones vs. Moguai & tocadisco - The best Rolling Stones song ever given a smooth dark electro edge.
07| Frail Limb Purity - Centerfold Rocketeer
J. Geils Band vs. Far East Movement - An old 80's track made revamped into a great dance-it-out mashup
08| Dan Mei Production - I Kissed A Dancer
Katy Perry vs. Snap! - The required Katy-Perry-crossed-with-awesome track.
09| MashMike - Pump Up The Party Rock
LMFAO vs. Pink vs. Kraze vs. Danzel vs. C&C Music Factory, Salt-N-Pepa vs. Diddy Dirty Money - Nothing deep here - just a good partying mashup
10| MadMixMustang - Super Jumper
ABBA vs. Van Halen - Pop nostalgia magic.
11| DJ Morgoth - Carry On My Wayward Island
Pendulum vs. Kansas - Genre-clash that instantly makes Kansas even more rocking.
12| lasso the moon - Saturday Night Fool At the Soul Kitchen
The Who vs. The Doors vs.Bay City Rollers - Three old bands' classics skillfully mashed up.
13| Party Ben - The Seed
The Roots vs. Party Ben - A remix of Party Ben's remix of the Roots - good & groovy.
14| Dan Mei & Marc Johnce - Friday Night I Don't Wanna Burn It
Beyoncé vs. Jason Derulo vs. Britney Spears vs. Katy Perry vs. Flo Rida vs. Carpark North vs. Lady Gaga - Just a dance-y fun pop mashup.
15| Wax Audio - Thunder Busters
AC/DC vs. Ghostbusters - If you don't smile at this... *shakes head*
16| Dan Mei & Marc Jonce - Whip Your Hands Outta My Dream Hell Bottle
Avril Lavigne vs. The Ting Tings vs. Kylie Minogue vs. Katy Perry vs. Willow vs. The Police - Again, just some good pop fun.
17| Freelance Hellraiser - A Stroke Of Genius
Christina Aguilera vs. The Strokes - The classic mashup that propelled the music style to prominence.
18| Party Ben - Live Your Life Punk
Vampire Weekend vs. T.I. & Rihanna - Party Ben doing what he does best - mashing two fun pop songs to create even more fun.
19| Girl Talk - Let It Out
General Public vs. Jay-Z vs. ELO vs. Craig Mack vs. GZA vs. Beck vs. Jim Jones and Ron Browz vs. Snoop Dog vs. Wale vs. Jean Knight vs. Sir Mix-a-Lot vs. Black Rob vs. Fugazi vs. Dr. Octagon vs. Rihanna - I actually don't care for Girl Talk that much, but he's certainly a huge influence on the mashup scene, so I thought I'd include this one - especially since he included my favorite ELO song ever.
20| Party Ben - Boulevard of Broken Songs
Green Day vs. Oasis vs. Travis vs. Aerosmith - The song that started my love of the mashup genre.

Like all of my running mixes, this album goes up in tempo from ~120 to ~200 BPM (with a cool-down song at the end). Total running time is just a bit over 90 minutes.

zipped mix at megaupload or sendspace

And for more mashup fun:
volume 1 track list here
volume 2 track list here
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