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In my on-going effort to introduce my BFF to awesome running music, I ended up compiling four and a half hours of mashups. I'd say I'm sorry... but, actually? I'm really, really not. Mashup music isn't a guilty pleasure of mine - how can you feel guilty for enjoying music which is so in-your-face HAPPY? It's all about celebrating music of all sorts, from the craziest, latest pop to old classic rock or jazz.

Some of the best nights of my life have been spent dancing to this stuff with a bunch of strangers just out to have a great time.(Thank You Bootie SF!) So the following three mixes have been created to spread the joy that is mashup culture - exercise to them, dance to them, or just listen to them for the craziness that is a Mozart/hip-hop blend or Bollywood + Metallica done perfect.

Links to the posts for Volume 2 & Volume 3 at the end, or you can go here to see all my running mixes.

A mashup or bootleg (also mesh, mash up, mash-up, blend and bastard pop/rock)... )
jactrades: Girl with headphones walking through San Francisco (Stock - City Sounds)
A carefully culled set of songs from my "fuck y'all, I'm going running" playlist. Because some days you just need to rock it out.
Artists include AC/DC, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, and Joan Jett.

You're gonna fall behind me )
jactrades: Mole from Arrested Development (Stock - Prepare to fly)
A second volume of happy songs for exercising, getting pumped up, or otherwise lifting your mood & getting you going!

Let's make this happen! )
jactrades: Girl with headphones walking through San Francisco (Stock - City Sounds)
A mix of my happiest songs for running or other exercise!

Let's get going! )


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