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Hoo boy, I really need to get serious about finishing up my reverse bigbang, like, now.

Day Five: Favorite female character on a male-driven show:

Nyota Uhura from Star Trek

This feels like a gimme question - one of the easiest to answer of the whole list. (Why, yes, I planned out my answers for each day - how else would I assure no repeats, I ask you?)

I grew up watching TNG and DS9, mostly, but TOS reruns were also watched, and I always liked Uhura for at least being on the testosterone-heavy Enterprise. Looking back now, I love her for being pretty kick-ass for a female character of that time and also for the absolute daringness of being the first interracial kiss on television - only a year after anti-miscegenation laws had been struck down by the Supreme Court in Loving v. Viriginia. (Yeah, it took until 1967 for it to be legal throughout the US to marry someone of a different skin tone. Loving Day is coming up - June 12th!)

Zoe Saldana was a great casting choice for the reboot, but Nichelle Nichols will always be Uhura for me.

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Some Fridays are just... craptastic. Yesterday was one of them. I'll spare you all the white whine (although, really, they're first world problems combined with general work craziness). Instead here's the fun meme that I stole from [livejournal.com profile] thistlerose!

Favorite Female Characters

Day One: Favorite lead female character

Veronica Palmer from Better Off Ted

My love for actress Portia de Rossi knows no bounds - she is hot and hilarious and has played an awesome character on my two favorite comedy TV shows ever, Arrested Development and Better Off Ted. Both shows were cancelled, of course. *grumble*

Now, to understand why Veronica Palmer in particular is so awesome, you have to know a bit about the show. Better Off Ted is sorta like the The Office, except replace awkward-humor with completely cracktastic-humor. The setting is the research & dev department of a massive corporation (Veridian Dynamics: Life. Better), headed by Ted, the titular character & generally straight man to all the craziness around him. 
Veronica Palmer is the boss of Ted - in most every way. She's entirely comfortable with her ruthlessness, emotionally detached, more than a little socially awkward, and doesn't mind telling mothers that their babies are ugly... but somehow she's also incredibly endearing and sweet. It's, err, hard to explain. She's also completely comfortable with her sexuality, which is awesome to see on mainstream television. And a snappy dresser. And has most of the best lines of the show. I wouldn't want to be Veronica, but watching her fills me with glee.

 If you haven't watched this show, you're really missing out - it's just fabulous. And  now I leave you with some Better Off Ted frippery that I've found & made -
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Star Trek AOS icons, mixed pairings - textured like woah. Feel free to use however you'd like, but please credit, and comments are ♥.



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