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If anyone follows Star Trek on facebook or twitter (the official startrek.com people), you might want to tune in today. *highly amused*
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Hello Unknown Author!

First off, thank you for writing for me! I absolutely adore all of the fandoms I requested, so I'm sure that I'll adore anything you write for me in them. And yay! you like at least one of them as well, so I'm doublely sure anything you write will be awesome. Please consider all of my preferences/suggestions/prompts below as optional, and don't sweat it if your inspiration takes you elsewhere. I'd MUCH rather read something you loved writing than something you wrote under duress after having a wtf moment at my prompts. Seriously, I'll be happy with whatever you send my way! :-)

Long details on everything under the sun )

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Looks like a much more standard fairy tale story than we've seen from Pixar before, but yay! for a female hero for once and for those accents. And the hair.
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Quick question for the masses out there:

Would it throw you off in a fanmix created for a m/m ship if one of the songs referenced a woman in the lyrics? The song I've got is perfect - except that the male singer mentions that his love is a woman. It's not quite as bad as, say, American Woman, but it is clearly stated.

*shakes fist* More gender-neutral awesome love songs, musicians.
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Oh, gosh, I don't even know how to recap everything that has happened since I was last here. So, numbered list.

1. We're moving. We're moving? (Apparently, we're moving. (Whee?))

I actually absolutely adore the house we're renting out right now (three fruit trees, nice yard for the dogs, LOTS of windows and sunshine), but my commute is a hellish ~3 hours round trip, so we're moving up to SF proper. Abhi'll have ~40 minutes each way on the freeway, but he loves to drive (weirdo) and he can commute with coworkers who live in the city, if he likes. I'll be doing the walk-subway-walk thing, about 30 minutes each way, which is fine and dandy.

The house we're moving to is ALSO absolutely adorable, and I think I'll end up liking it there, but it's happening fast, so I'm still all, "erm, what?" We saw the place on Craigslist last Thursday, went to the open house Saturday, put in our applications that night, and are signing the lease tomorrow. Which means a trip to the bank today, because between first month's rent, last month's rent, regular deposit, AND pet deposit we're looking at over $11k in upfront costs. O.o I know. Oy vey, San Francisco, I love you as a city, and I love living here, but you're ridiculously priced, and Google & Facebook's hiring sprees are not helping. (Also, dogs, you with your needs for a yard and a pet-friendly living space, you are the ultimate luxury good. I hope you're satisfied with yourselves.)

I'll miss South Bay's sunshine. Also, we need to get a roommate to help with costs (clearly), and I'm slightly leery, but mostly hopeful? Do any of you know a cool someone in SF looking for a room? We're really nice folks, and we have the cutest dogs ever:
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2. (How is this only two?) I, um, have a job interview tomorrow. IT IS ALSO VERY SUDDEN AND I AM NOT PREPARED! I applied on Friday, they emailed me on Monday, and since I currently work two blocks from their office, we're just jumping straight to the in-person interview. It's an analyst position at a small non-profit advocacy group in the energy field, and I'm really excited about it. But I'm trying not to jinx it all by getting too excited, you know? The job was sent to me by a coworker who thought it'd be a good fit - all of the mid-level staff in my group are trying to jump ship asap, so we're all searching out jobs & emailing them around to each other late at night - when we're still in the office. Anyway, I'll be studying all of tonight for this interview. And trying to decide what to wear. *crosses fingers*

3. We went on a vacation road trip to the Pacific NW, and it was absolutely fantastic. I think the best moment for me (other than seeing both sets of grandparents) was stepping into the redwood forest and just taking a deep breath. My first strong memory is of playing tag in the redwood forest that my preschool was located in, and that scent just brought all of that "home" feeling back. Crater Lake was the favorite of Abhi's & his parents, unsurprisingly - it's absolutely magnificent, and a must see if you're ever in Oregon. (Oh, and we spent one night in the village of Ferndale CA, which was a vague inspiration for the town of Enterprise in [livejournal.com profile] seren_ccd's fantastic Chapel/McCoy fic Take Off Your Kid Gloves. If you haven't read it, you really ought, because it's everything fun PLUS there's some wickedly delightful McCoy imagery.)

And then we came home and all of the work I'd left for a week was still waiting to get done. *headdesk*

4. Fandom! I have lots on my to-do list:*shakes head8 )
5. We're going back to the east coast next weekend for one of our best friend's wedding. Flying into DC, where I'll be able to work out of my company's HQ for a couple of days (maybe give my 2 weeks notice? eeeeek! *crosses fingers again*), then driving up to NYC. Again, I think it'll be great time, but, man, the timing could not be worse in terms of our finances and general life busyness.

6. I have some more running/exercise/energetic mixes to post! I've actually had them ready to go for a few days, but I didn't want to overwhelm anyone with even more music last week.

7. In my spare moments (hah.) I've been reading through the archives at Mark Watches, which I found out about via [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets, oddly enough. His enthusiasm is infectious, and now I really want to rewatch BSG & Avatar. And Firefly. And go search out fics in those fandoms, maybe.
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Good things today:

1. Australia now gives people three gender options for their passport: female, male, and X. And it's been added onto the growing list of countries (including the US, I was pleased to see) that does not require surgery for transgendered individuals to change the gender listed on their passport.

2. I signed up for the Kirk/Sulu holiday exchange and am ├╝ber-excited for both my own eventual gift art/fic and for all of the great Kirk/Sulu fics & art that will come out of the exchange. Y'all should sign up too!

3. A planet orbiting two suns has been discovered., which is neat for both Star Wars & Star Trek fans alike. (I pay so much more attention to astrophysics and astronomy news now than I did before getting into SF fandoms.)

4. I claimed, erm, three fics for mixes and one for art at [livejournal.com profile] startrekbigbang, which is... a lot. But I've got a pretty easy workload for the foreseeable future, and not much going on, writing-wise, so I think I'll be okay.

5. It's finally Friday! And I'm on vacation all of next week for a much needed vacation up the coast & into Oregon. \o/ (If I'm betaing your fic for a bigbang, never fear, I'm printing everything out and will keep pounding away at things.)


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