Nov. 20th, 2011

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Hello Unknown Author!

First off, thank you for writing for me! I absolutely adore all of the fandoms I requested, so I'm sure that I'll adore anything you write for me in them. And yay! you like at least one of them as well, so I'm doublely sure anything you write will be awesome. Please consider all of my preferences/suggestions/prompts below as optional, and don't sweat it if your inspiration takes you elsewhere. I'd MUCH rather read something you loved writing than something you wrote under duress after having a wtf moment at my prompts. Seriously, I'll be happy with whatever you send my way! :-)

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When I saw the summaries of the STBB fics, I crossed my fingers in the hopes of getting [ profile] turtle_goose's The Once & Future Captain because I've had thoughts about mixing a Tarsus fic (mostly centered around track 12). Lucky me, I got the chance to create a mix for this story! :D I really enjoyed the clear thought that went into the world-building in this story, and if you're a sucker for Tarsus fics (like me), you shouldn't pass this one up.

Masterpost for the fic & gorgeous art here!

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