Oct. 29th, 2011

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It's Friday, have a question meme!

1. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
They remain in a state of permanent "however the last entity to access the closets left them" - i.e. I close them, unless there's a suitcase or pile of clothes resting on the floor of the closet in the way, Abhi leaves them open unless the dogs have been making dog-nests out of the pile of clothes (in which case he nudges the clothes in enough to shut the closet doors). Because he's heartless like that.

The dogs push the doors open with their noses if there's a crack so they can sleep on our clothes.

We're all adults here, and this isn't at all an indicator for how the rest of this meme shall go.

2 through *deep breath* 99 here )
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When I realized I'd be making a mix for [livejournal.com profile] striped_fic/waketosleep's STBB fic, Big Me (But It's You I Fell Into), I nearly squealed out loud in my living room, because that meant I'd be getting to read the story before y'all and that, folks, is exciting. And then I did squeal when I got my hands on the rough draft and realized that Happy Gilmore could probably be blamed for half of it. 

This story did not disappoint.  It is hilarious and FUN, with a core of sweetness balanced with an unhealthy amount of swearing. READ IT!

You don't need to be a Kirk/Spock shipper to enjoy it - the whole supporting cast is equally fantastic as the pairing (Winona & Bones especially). You don't need to know anything about golf, either - all I know about the sport is from Happy Gilmore and the minigolf range - which, incidentally, is about as much knowledge as Jim starts out with here too. :-D

Anyway, yeah, I loved the story, and I hope my mix, The Long Game, (which is generally redic, btw) is half as fun.


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