Jul. 5th, 2011

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Motivation this morning is zero across the country. My coworkers in DC are all in a big chat, mostly discussing how much we all want to look for other jobs. My coworkers here in the office in SF are all in the break room, mostly discussing how much we all want to go to various concerts this summer. Mostly I just want to stroll down to the wharf and watch the waves, hear the sea lions' bark, and bask in the sunshine. Glorious day in SF today.

I did pretty much nothing this weekend, other than making (and enjoying) frozen lemonade. Lovely. But that means I need to write, write, write this week. There are four or five WIPs jockeying for attention in my head lately, and really? My head isn't big enough for all that. So out, damn'd words, out, I say.

I don't know who linked to it (maybe someone at [livejournal.com profile] stbbsupport?), but Chuck Wendigs's 25 Things You Should Know About Dialogue/Plot/Writing a Novel/etc are top-notch. Nothing really new in the lists, but he cuts through the bullshit and states it plainly.

Edit: Man, I was grumpily tired this morning. But I took my lunch to the water, which solved the grumpy, and took a nap this evening, which solved the tired.


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