Jun. 30th, 2011

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Things that are good:

1. I finally organized all of my new music and am now grooving out at work to a mix of The Strokes, Foster the People, The Vaccines. One of my best friends, Thal, is a complete music aficionado - he sends out a new album recommendation via email/dropbox every week and it always rocks. (We are close as anything, Thal, me, and Abhi (my husband). The three of us were roommates in college and had the craziest adventures, from eating spoonfuls of wasbi to unplanned 48-hour-long roadtrips to holding a Heretic Party where Abhi had a steak & Thal had pork ribs. God, college was so much fun. He's is getting married this weekend in NYC - a civil ceremony - and we aren't able to be there, which sucks, but there'll be a big South Asian shindig in October which we'll be at.)

2. Netflix is suppose to start streaming ALL of the Star Trek shows TOMORROW. Oh, this will make my life so much happier, especially if I can win over Abhi on the TOS crack.

3. Indian food leftovers for lunch today, and probably for the next four months. There are some... issues when my inlaws come for a long visit, but the food is not one of them.

4. Live tv last night, instead of the usual DVR, and we stumbled across the premiere of Love in the Wild, which was just as ridiculous as it sounds. Maybe more. And then we were treated to the local news teaser telling us about a new, maybe-over-the-line photo-judging website, Homeless or Hipster? The concept of which, uh, we laughed at a lot, because have you seen the Mission in SF? I hope the hipsters never go away, because my morning walks to the office would be so much more boring.

5. It finally feels like summer here - after lots of cloudy and even gasp rainy days. Srsly, though, Californian residents just aren't equipped to deal with rain after April. The populace here panics at rain in the summer as much as DC residents do when faced with half an inch of snow.


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