Jun. 9th, 2011

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This was the easiest day of all to pick.

Day Six: Favorite female-driven show:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I wasn't quick to join the new My Little Pony bandwagon. I saw it sweeping through some of the forums I read in February, but kinda rolled my eyes at the whole thing, thinking it was some sort of ironic hipster joke.

Then I watched an episode.

The animation is adorable. The songs are fun and catchy without being earworms unlike the entire Backyardigans' repertoire. The jokes, while not operating on two levels like most of Pixar's, are indeed enjoyable to both children and adults. But the real joy of MLP, at least to me, is the cast of characters and the perspective the writers show in using them.

See, this show is like crack to children. I have a niece and three nephews living close by who I babysit on occasion, and an episode of MLP is the ultimate reward now. All of them - from the almost-three-year-old to the seven-year-old - adore this show and its characters. They relate to these girl ponies and their lessons about friendship. Rainbow Dash is a favorite among the boys, of course, but, you know, everyone loves Rarity too. My niece, the oldest of the bunch, has mentioned more than once that she's going to go look something up in a book "like Twilight does". That alone would endear this show to my heart forever, but I already love it 'cause it's just so much fun.

No extra bits today - go to Equestria Daily for all your pony needs.

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