May. 3rd, 2011

jactrades: Mole from Arrested Development (Vintage Pine)

Okay, guys, I'm in. After attempting to write on the train on the way home from work last night - and realizing that it's actually a great writing environment - I figured my commute time could be put towards bigbang use. Since the Kirk/Rand Berlin Blockade AU is already colonizing about my head, I'll run with that for [ profile] het_bigbang . (Seriously, guys, I'm on my third nonfiction book on the event. I'm volunteering to watch WWII war movies with the husband. This thing has eaten my brain.) Anyways, *excited*!

Is it bad that I'm only bothering to request a new battery from IT now - after months of issues - 'cause I don't want my laptop quitting on me while I'm writing on the commute? I think it maybe is.

Thanks to [ profile] seren_ccd and [ profile] anodyna for convincing me to go for it!

In other news, man, vidding is hard stuff. I downloaded a demo copy of Sony Vegas for a [ profile] st_respect thing, and figured, heck, since I've got this software for a month might as well use it! For that song idea I have! And now I'm 15 hours in, and maybe halfway done assembling a rough draft? The perspective switch from watching critically to see camera angles and motion for specific clips is pretty neat, though - lots of details that I never noticed before.

Also, is there a gif somewhere of Scotty twirling his wrench? Because there really needs to be.


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